NYCTLF Session 3: Social Media

Our guests today were Edith Asibey and Jamie Lonie, and I was just thrilled with their approach. It was an intense day, with few, brief breaks, but a lot of movement and creative thought to make up for it. We weren’t only aiming for a better understanding of and appreciation for the major social-media channels, but to do so in terms of mission-relevant goals and immediate objectives, and how specific channels could best support those.

I’ve mentioned it before, but what’s really awe-inspiring about this fellowship is absorbing all these different organizations’ perspectives and intentions. This was particularly poignant in considering the outreach of social media.

I think the best insight I gained from today was to perceive the social media channels as channels perfect not just for giving content, but receiving information. “Listening,” in Edith and Jamie’s vernacular, and it’s an especially apt word.

Of course, any self-respecting discussion of social media comes around to metrics eventually, which is a sweet spot for my change project. I took careful notes. If only visitor experience could so automatically be measured…

The coming week brings much reading homework, on the subject of organizational diagnosis and culture. Again: Close targets for my interests and particular project. It will be hard to match Edith and Jamie’s level of clarity and expertise. Still, my hopes are high.