Guest Post @ Fighting Monkey Press

The first of two guest posts I'll be writing over at Pavarti Tyler's Fighting Monkey Press went up last Friday. If'n you haven't already, please hit up Pav's site to reward yourself for knowing someone who knows someone as awesome as she. My post is to do with religion, so you can visit to start and/or join a flame-war while you're at it! An excerpt, whetting your spiritual palate:

"...[I]t should come as small surprise that so many of us define ourselves by distinction and exclusion. It’s almost a self-explanatory notion – one reads the word 'distinction,' and the definition begs a synonym of identification. Yet they aren’t the same thing. My favorite color is blue, because my favorite color is not yellow. Even logically, that sentence doesn’t compute. The distinction is not the reason, nor the causation.

"Yet we hasten to describe and define our religion by what we don’t believe."