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I have of late, and wherefore I know not, recently acquired several followers on my

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who live in the Middle East.  I'm sure these things tend to spread from friend to friend, etc., and it's largely coincidence, but

Friend Andrew

and I got to discussing it, and theorizing why things might trend that way for me.  We decided it had nothing to do with theatre, or comedy, or philosophy, or collaboration, or my geopolitical proficiency.  No, to us it was clear: Middle Easterners love The Batman.

I mean, who doesn't, right?  Of course right.  But just think: What if there is an untapped creative trove of fan fiction depicting a Bruce Wayne/Batman of middle eastern descent?  If we could somehow harness said trove, what sorts of stories would it produce?  That is the challenge presented herein.  Write a Batman story in which he originates in the Middle East.  Refresher: The "Middle East" as we know it consists of about eighteen countries, but for the purposes of the assignment you can also use countries classified as part of the so-called

Greater Middle East


Some guidelines:

  1. For short summaries, feel free to use the comment section on the Aviary itself, not Facebook.  For longer versions, please email.
  2. I reserve the right not to publish anything I dang well please.  Some rules to help you get published:
    1. Nothing hateful, unless it's hateful of superstitious, cowardly criminals (and there's room for interpretation there).
    2. Nothing overtly political - that is, politics can of course be used as a story element, but this 'blog will not be made a platform for political arguments.
    3. Dark and brooding is good.  So is a sense of humor.
    4. If the Internet can't translate it, I can't read it.  It probably won't be allowed to stay on the island.
    5. Try to avoid Survivor references wherever possible.

And that's about it!  Okay, folks: submit to me your concepts.  I would be THRILLED to hear from some of my international buddies on this one, of course, but you in these states united, don't be shy either.  Just promise they'll be good.


Update, 12/31/10:

  Friend Kate sent along this little nugget about emerging Muslim superheroes:

Irtiqa 12/21/10