I Could Be Way Off Here

Acting Strengths (in no particular order):

- Easily applicable look: average 20s-30s white male, strong features
- Nearly 20 years' acting experience, nearly a decade of professional experience
- Emotional sensitivity
- Active listener
- Intense work ethic
- Varied special skills: circus skills, dialect skills, physical theatre skills ("Girls only like guys with SKILLS!" Gosh!)
- Lack of pretension -- willingness to appear strange and/or goofy (see above)
- Good comic timing
- Extensive improvisation experience
- Extensive collaboration experience
- Easy-going in intercommunication
- Avid reader and writer
- Intelligent (Somewhat [Shu'up!])
- Non-confrontational in life. Which, you know, allows me to store it up for the stage/screen/private moments of personal abandon.

Acting Weaknesses (keepin' it real [WU-TANG!]):
- Occasional inclination toward "getting it right" rather than "getting it true"
- Want to earn special merit; don't want to have to actually receive it from people (What? True though.)
- Natural compulsion to be in control of self and moment
- Confused by abstracted dialogue (or, somewhat daft about modern stuff)
- Not comfortable singing on stage
- Can't stand dance choreography
- Opinionated when it comes to over-arching elements of story and style (director's domain)
- Utter inability to "fake sincerity"
- Don't enjoy mingling, hob-nobbing or otherwise making conversation
- Also not a big fan of talking about self
- Can't remember names. Seriously. CAN'T REMEMBER NAMES.

Acting Ambiguities (some go both ways):
- Analytical and logical
- Non-judgmental introvert
- Need for regular visual and aural stimulation
- Love making bold physical choices
- Hair actor; totally
- Clown

Just a little exercise in self-obsessed analysis here. Next week, watch for me typing out my name in a ker-gillion different ways!