I've Been Shot

On Thursday last, with a little help from friends and family, I finally managed to acquire some decent headshots. I went to a fellow by the name of Jimmi Kilduff, after much research and a few emails and phone calls, and I could not be happier. These are a very small sampling, not yet retouched, and copyright (c) Jimmi Kilduff 2008: Do you like my watch? I like my watch. I like my watch so much, I gave my watch it's own headshot.

I'm a sexy lumberjack. There's no other kind of lumberjack, really. It's just that you can't always tell under the beard and pine sap.

Do I look casual? I'm trying to look casual. I'm trying, very hard, to look absolutely, positively, casual.

Lovably frumpy, in that gunmetal sort of way.

Law & Order: Call me.

'Preciate any feedback you'd care to contribute, General Audience, but mostly I'm just clowning around here. It was a great time, and I'm feeling very gratified with the results. Thanks to everyone who helped me afford the time and money. You rule.