In Transition

I write to you from various places across this great nation of ours. Philadelphia. Atlanta. San Francisco. Ultimately, Sunnyvale, California. At present, I am aboard a plan going over the south Midwest. Can I use that term for that area? Or is it just “the West”? Anyway, I am in transit, though not for the usual reasons. I would that it were for a job (and that they were paying my airfare) but, alas, it’s for life stuff. When I arrive at my final destination, David will be there and we’ll spend this week burying his mother and attending to finalities.

Enough of that for now. I imagine that will occupy whatever further entries I have time for during the week.

Don’t imagine, my dear, precious one-and-all, that I’m actually posting to the ‘blog now from the air, performing amazing internet aerials with my advanced and expensive computer. Nyyyoh. I am simply typing into MSWord™ (ß Sweet! Word is auto-formatting my approximations of typography! Boy I hope that translates when I paste it in…[somehow my pretty arrow has become a Greek figure--WTF, Blogger?) as I have been with various other work off and on during this trip. It’s a whole Sunday of cross-continental travel; all told, awake-to-pass-out, some fourteen hours of trains, planes and automobiles. I am equipped. Fantasy novel. ‘Puter. Gameboy. Camera. Lots of gum. Speaking of which, thine movie quote awaits:

“I have come here to chew bubblegum, and kick ass. And I’m all…out…of bubblegum.”

I offer finsky on this one (honor system here—no interwebzing it, you disreputable bastards), and if you try to tell me it’s from a certain PC first-person shooter, you owe me a five dollar bill.

I don’t travel much outside of my work (apart from an occasional trip down the east coast to see family and friends around holiday periods) and though I desperately wish the circumstances were different, I can’t help but be somewhat excited to be doing this. Along with being a responsibility (and believe me: I won’t be taking in the sights) it is also a privilege of my position. Not my financial position, mind you. That’s set square against this gesture. Rather a privilege of having arranged my life to be one that allows me to get up and go at any time without losing my job or endangering relationships. Many of David’s friends wanted to be out there with him. I represent them all, and they’re helping me enormously. Hell: Without Heather’s automatic sensitivity to people’s needs, I might not be here at all, might instead still be pacing my apartment trying to figure out how the hell I can afford what needs to be done. Some things just need to be done, and the rest gets worked out afterward.

So California. It will only be the second time I’ve ever been there. The previous occasion was to visit my then-girlfriend while she was on the national tour of Swing!, and I saw San Diego. I liked San Diego quite a bit, of what I could see in three days, and I have every reason to believe David’s hometown will be beautiful. I wonder what I’ll be doing and where, really. Basically, I expect to be lashed to David’s hip with a handkerchief at the ready. Nevertheless, one can’t help but see, hear and all the rest in a new place.

This, all of this, is a good thing about what I’ve done with my life thus far. It’ll be worth eating nothing but tuna for a little while.