Signs and Portents

I just returned home from a great day of friends and conversation. I'm so grateful to have had a day like today. Tomorrow it's back to the day job (in spite of


Jr. Day) and probably a more involved 'blog entry, simply because I will be ensnared by a willing computer monitor for most of the day.

But today, just now, I had the strangest experience. I was in front of my apartment, which is in one of those less-residential areas of Brooklyn, taking in the view of a shipping products warehouse and Greenwood


(and the sky, which is conspicuous here simply because you can see a good deal of it compared to neighborhoods in which the buildings are taller) when I was visited. Well, more evaded than visited. The fattest raccoon I have ever seen ran West-to-East down the street, in the non-space between the parked cars and the sidewalk.

I stood and stared, amazed. The only explanation I can conceive of is that this little guy (assumption of sex) lives in Greenwood, from which he was venturing out, and got robust of figure from such ventures out to feast upon the MSG-rich dumpsters or various Chinese and Mexican restaurant dumpsters within a particular radius.

Raccoons live in Greenwood


. The city fosters all sorts of unlikely forms of life.