As an actor...

"As generous and creative an artist as I have ever had the privilege with which to collaborate. [...] I am always astounded by Jeff's boundless imagination and bottomless heart both in and out of character. [He is a] consummate professional and never-ending, passionate believer in the power and necessity of performative story-telling."
 — Daryl Boling, Actor/Director & General Manager, Bucks County Playhouse

“…Jeff Wills is a staunch success as Jake, capturing both his resoluteness and fear as events spiral more and more out of control…”
— Talkin’ Broadway

“Jeff Wills handles his role with panache, adroitly switching from the present…to his past…. The chemistry he shares with Robin Roy is captivatingly convincing.”
— The Scranton Times-Tribune

As a teacher & coach...

"I cannot recommend Jeff Wills highly enough. I had to learn to walk on stilts for a production in a very short period of time, and I consider myself a clumsy person. He made learning an intimidating skill fun, he treated me with respect and kindness, and instilled confidence in me that I didn't know I had. I can now proudly say I am a stilt walker (and it's on my resume!) thanks to Jeff."
 Katharine Scarborough, Actor

"Jeff Wills worked with me on the one-woman show, Alley Oop's Last Fantastic Day. He really helped me find honest, moment-to-moment work using clowning-based exercises. His keen eye for the specific created a space for a well rounded, full character and clown. It really was a pleasure to work with him! "
Heather Cambanes, Actor & Teaching Artist

As a clown & circus performer...

"...[A] multi-talented performer. As a collaborator he is focused, willing to take risks and always ready with insightful suggestions. He manages to stand out as a leader while not separating himself from the group.  His acrobatic and aerial work stands out [for] his ability to infuse his high-level skills with believable theatricality."
Cody Schreger, Aerialist & Actress

As a writer...

"A modern day raconteur.... As a writer and artist, Jeff's ability to weave story, tone, character and plot in an intelligent and entertaining way is remarkable. I have been reading his work for over twenty years and each new story surprises and impresses me. A writer myself, I have called on Jeff to critique my work and can say without a doubt that the end product is profoundly better for it."
 Pavarti K. Tyler, Author