The ACTion COLLECTIVE: ACT IV - It's All About You

(Ed. - You know, I'm such a jerk somtimes; I forget about Loki here. Below is something I should have posted mid-month, but didn't [in spite of what the post date may claim]. Sorry. Sorry all. Sorry, Loki. Sorry...)

Tonight we kick off The Action Collective's first event of the new year: ACT IV - It's All About You, in which members of our esteemed actors will bring in their own short scripts, cast them in the room and after scant rehearsal, have them performed. It's terrifying, and it's going to be great. For this one we have booked the blackbox at 440 Studios, just to lend it that extra certain dramatic something. Pencils down -- it's time to perform...

Work-In-Progress: Hereafter

In exactly one week, on December 17 at 7:00 pm, I'll be having a private reading of a recently completed playscript of mine. The working title is Hereafter, and it is at this point a collection of intertwining short plays that concern themselves with the subject of death; or, more specifically, with the subject of what happens to everything we know now, after death. And it's funny. I hope.

You can read a little bit more about my writing process at this stage here. This reading is for revision purposes only, so there'll be no audience, but look for future news. Hopefully this will be productive, and I'll be posting about an invitational public reading sometime after February.