Packawallop: The Lounge Series

Tonight I'll be playing Garrett Pruitt in a scene from Christina Gorman's play-in-development, Far From the Trees, as a part of the development arm of Packawallop Productions. You may remember Christina as the playwright of the last show I performed in, Sacred GroundThe Lounge Series are regular events in which The Pack presents some of what's been brewing for playwrights in their regular meetings. I was fortunate enough to join The Pack last year by invitation and support from Christina, Josh Sohn and Laura Pestronk. It's a tremendously supportive group that doesn't shy away from honesty in its feedback, to boot.

Garrett is a nice role, from what I've read - I wish I could play him out in his entire arc. He's a disenfranchised doctoral candidate in astronomy, stuck back at his tiny home town after a terrible research mishap that cost his family plenty. In the scene we get to play tonight, he antagonizes a young researcher who's come in search of some petrified trees his uncle recently discovered on his land. It's fun, and tactical, and pithy. He's kind of a prick. Like I said: Fun.

Speaking to the Dead
Tonight we open Sharon Fogarty's Speaking to the Dead at TheatreLab.  The show has a very limited run from tonight, December 2nd through Sunday the 5th.  Details may be found below.

This is in many ways a kind of workshop production - with no formal set and simply thematic costuming - but Sharon has worked and developed her script to the point that it's an entertaining hour of comedy and music.  It's also the first musical I've been in for almost ten years now, and in spite of my best efforts I have been afforded the opportunity to sing a solo in it.  Just a little one, right near the end.  I play a gameshow host with a duplicitous approach to the world who learns how to be true to himself when he falls in love with the ghost-whisperer that's the star of the show.

Speaking to the Dead
A new comedy by Sharon Fogarty
Dec. 2-4 @ 8:00pm & Dec. 5 @ 2:00pm
$18 - tickets available at

Featuring: Tony Di Sante, Kaira Klueber, Sarah Ecton-Luttrell, Matthew Porter, Danny Stix, Renee Torriere, Karen Christie-Ward, T.D. White, Jeff Wills & D. Zhonzinsky.

Laid Plans

On Saturday, July 17th, I'll be appearing in Josh Sohn's short play, Laid Plans, which is being presented as part of The Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival. The play is directed by Kay Long (with whom I recently worked on Princess), my fellow actors are Lucia Brizzi and Kristine Niven, and you can purchase tickets to this thirty-minute masterpiece at Ticket Central. Be sure it's for the 9:00pm slot on the 17th!

I'm posting this one a bit earlier because, apparently, room is limited and tickets are selling out fast. I know: That's the standard pitch. It's really truly true this time. That having been said, it is an Equity showcase, so my fellow AEA members can take that free-ticket gamble if they so choose. I'm excited about this one. It's a script I'm quite fond of, and Josh and I have been conversing about it in one respect or another for almost a year now. Plus, I'll be playing no less than five characters in it, which is a nifty reunion with my Zuppa del Giorno roots for me.


This weekend begins previews for An Eclectic Evening of Shorts, the "Briefs" program, in which I'll be appearing in Jason Schafer's short play, Princess. I'll be playing a stay-at-home dad who finds himself in the difficult position of delivering some strange news to his over-worked wife. The show is bound to be good and fun, considering I'm sharing the stage with the lovely and talented Stacey Linnartz, and it's directed by one of my favorites, Kathryn Long. AEES is presented by Artistic New Directions, which I connected to through my work at NYU with Janice Goldberg.

Purchase your tickets here.

Directing: "Flowers" by Josh Sohn

Last weekend a play premiered that I directed and co-produced! Why are you only finding this out now, you may wonder? Because I was awfully busy directing! But the play was only ten minutes long, so that's really no excuse. Sorry about that. Anyway, Flowers, by Josh Sohn, premiered at Where Eagles Dare Studios as part of their play lab program. It starred Nat Cassidy and Richard Grunn. It went well. That is all.

Update 8/12/10:  Ooooo...there may be a strange new future for Flowers.  Stay tuned.


Come see me play a carpenter with philosophical aspirations in Jump, by Josh Sohn, July 26th and 27th as a part of the Strawberry One-Act Festival.


July 24 through August 3, 2008 @

The Baruch Performing Arts Center, 55 Lexington Avenue, NYC. Entrance on 25th Street (between Lexington Avenue & 3rd Avenue).

Click here for tickets.

Series C
Saturday, July 26th & Sunday, July 27th at 1pm.
Click here to pay to view this series online July 27th.

JUMP by Josh Sohn
Jump is a short comedic play about miracles and transformation.

Errand & Dry Run

Come and see me perform in two out of three short plays being presented tomorrow night as a part of a writers group's feedback process. Errand tells the story of two best friends forced to confront one another after a romantic conflict ripped their relationship apart. (That's the funny one.) Dry Run concerns a romantic relationship in which both people are dealing with issues of insanity and decision-making. (That one, less funny.)

NYU: ?

I was in a show. At NYU. A one-act comedy in which I played a funny but rather selfish and superficial best friend. And . . . uh . . . I didn't write about details, so I don't even have a title for you. I'm not even sure this is the right date.