Reading: Princess

A year-and-a-half ago I performed in a short play called Princess, by Jason Schafer. It has been expanded into a screenplay, greatly revised, and yet somehow I'm still involved! In tonight's reading - free and open to the public - I'll be playing Heath, a father of a different stripe than the one I played back in 2010. The details:

@ The Soho Playhouse (15 Vandam Street between 6th & Varick) at 7:00 pm.

Ben Curtis ... North
Liz Douglas ... Marina
John Gardner ... Ace/Dean
Shira Levin ... Screen Directions
Michael Gnat ... Pappy/Pastor Bob/Policeman
Ian Scott McGregor ... J.J./Griffin
Heidi Schreck ... Gretchen
Jeff Wills ... Heath
Amy Wilson ... Sarah


Last weekend I began upon an epic adventure: Acting in a mock-buster. Mock-busters, for those of you at all outside of this obnoxiously hyphenated lingo, is a low- or micro-budget film that borrows heavily from other films. They're not actually trying to mock said films - that just kind of happens when you're trying to do Avatar, for example, while funding it with your Discovery card. Anyway, the working title of our little science-fiction epic is Robowar (which I badly hope gets changed) and I play Rathbone, a brass-polishing former space mercenary. It's being directed by Andrew Bellware through his company, Pandora Machine. Did I mention there's no money? Did I mention it is ridiculously fun? We film over the next few entire weekends, no idea how long it will take to produce, but in the meantime there are photos.

NYU: Film Department

Tomorrow morning I'll be working once again at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television with the directing students as part of their intensive summer class. This time it will be working on one scene with Gary Shimokawa directing, in order to demonstrate to the students how everything should go on a shoot. The script, it seems, is from Monk, so there's some fun to be had there. Actually, it's pretty challenging to imagine my own "Monk" after how ingrained Shalhoub's interpretation has become for me. No doubt mine will incorporate quite a bit more onychophagia...

NYU: Film Department

Tomorrow morning I'll be working at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television with the directing students as part of their "Sights & Sounds Studio" class once again. I'm thrilled to discover that Denny Lawrence has structured the day, so I know exactly what scenes to memorize and in what order I'll be expected to perform them. Plus, one is the ol' reliable extract from Glengarry Glen Ross, which is always fun: "Something to pay them back. Someone should hurt them." Ah, Mamet! You old so-and-so...

NYU: Film Department

This Wednesday I will return to Tisch's hallowed halls for another student project, this one filming all in one day. This constructed scene actually takes a comic turn, but hangs on to the poisoning element of my previous gig at NYU. Only this time, I am the poisoned one, and by "poisoned," I of course mean "unwittingly coerced into consuming excessive amounts of laxative." I'll avoid mentioning what particular sense memories I may or may not be using for this scene...

NYU: Film Department

The Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television is certainly keeping me busy lately. Today I'll be back again for the first of a two-part filming of a student project. The second part is to be filmed on October 9th. The assigment is to make something out of an arbitrary section of dialogue, and this director has cast me as a poisonous murderer, with a conscience. Some of these gigs are more fun than others...

Update: The director of these pieces, Jonathan Hurwitz, has posted them online in two chapters:

NYU: Film Department

Thursday and Friday mornings I'll be working at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television with Denny Lawrence's directing students as part of their "Sights & Sounds Studio" class again. It's early in the year for them, and I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing, but in the past the work has involved memorizing a script and performing it on camera in a variety of different ways for a variety of student directors. Great fun, and a good way to stretch around a bit as a film actor.

NYU: The Maltese Falcon

Denny Lawrence comes through with interesting work once again, this time with more of a performance twist than an educational one. On Friday I'll be filmed as Sam Spade (personal fantasy of mine, now fulfilled) in an excerpt from The Maltese Falcon as a part of Michael Bow's final project for Denny's Sight & Sound class. It should be a good time, and good reel material; Monday's rehearsal was a blast. It seems I missed my era, at least insofar as popular film genres go . . .

NYU: Film Department

This afternoon I'll be working a few hours at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & Television with Denny Lawrence's directing students. It's only their third week of college, and we'll be running a mock first-read for them to teach how to communicate with actors, and what questions you can expect from them. Since you can't come to see me in this endeavor, I'll spill the surprise: I will be asking what color underwear they think my character wears.