Reading: The New Me (3)

Writers amaze me. The real ones never stop working when they believe in what they're writing. In a little over fours years, this is the third time I'll be appearing in a reading of a new version of Margo Hammond's The New Me. I'll be playing the same role as last time, back in 2010 - that of a private investigator who becomes a bit more personally involved in the affairs of the play than he had perhaps planned. Once again, too, I'll be working with one of my favorite directors, Kay Long.

This time, however, the reading is open to all and is being held at The Dramatists Guild:

6:00 - 7:30 pm
Frederick Loewe Room
1501 Broadway, Suite 710
New York, NY  10036

I love playing detectives. Join me, won't you...?

Liars' League: Marriage & Divorce

This Wednesday I'll be making my first public appearance since siring my offspring, presenting a reading of the short story Don DeLillo, by C. D. Rose. It's part of an excellent reading series called the Liars' League that I got to experience for the first time last summer, wherein actors are recruited to present works of fiction as best they can. The story I'll be presenting is a great, round-about retelling of a literary couple who come to a crossroads in their relationship.

Great dialogue is only troubling when you're the one who has to present both sides of it. Come see how I do.

Liars’ League NYC presents: Marriage & Divorce
7:00pm Wednesday, 3rd October 
KGB Bar, 85 East 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Avenue)

Reading: Various Shorts by Nat Cassidy

Nat Cassidy; evil genius.
Tonight I'll be reading various roles in several short plays by friend-o-mine Nat Cassidy. The plays are mostly under ten pages, and all in one sense or another address intimate relationships. Love, in most cases. I'm not sure of all I'll be doing, but I know one of the characters is a really sweet, romantic guy who has to confess to the girl he just hit it off with that he tracked her down after seeing her in a pornographic video. So, you know: really mainstream, middle-America type stuff.

The Puppeteers: A Wonderful Weirdness in Oz

Image compiled by David Zarko.
This weekend my first production as a director with Zuppa del Giorno - The Puppeteers - opens.  You can buy tickets here, but why do that before you've had a chance to check out some of the development first?  Our process outside of the rehearsal room has been recorded on a 'blog:  Check us out!

Speaking to the Dead
Tonight we open Sharon Fogarty's Speaking to the Dead at TheatreLab.  The show has a very limited run from tonight, December 2nd through Sunday the 5th.  Details may be found below.

This is in many ways a kind of workshop production - with no formal set and simply thematic costuming - but Sharon has worked and developed her script to the point that it's an entertaining hour of comedy and music.  It's also the first musical I've been in for almost ten years now, and in spite of my best efforts I have been afforded the opportunity to sing a solo in it.  Just a little one, right near the end.  I play a gameshow host with a duplicitous approach to the world who learns how to be true to himself when he falls in love with the ghost-whisperer that's the star of the show.

Speaking to the Dead
A new comedy by Sharon Fogarty
Dec. 2-4 @ 8:00pm & Dec. 5 @ 2:00pm
$18 - tickets available at

Featuring: Tony Di Sante, Kaira Klueber, Sarah Ecton-Luttrell, Matthew Porter, Danny Stix, Renee Torriere, Karen Christie-Ward, T.D. White, Jeff Wills & D. Zhonzinsky.

Reading: The New Me

Today I'm reunited with several people through work of Artistic New Directions and a playwright, Margo Hammond.  I participated in a developmental reading of her play The New Me back in October of last year, and now I'm back in a different role - that of the private investigator who develops a romantic interest in his suspect. This reading also reunites me with Princess and Laid Plans director Kay Long, and occasional NYU pal, Christa Kimlicko Jones.  It's at 7:00 pm Sunday at Shetler Studios.

Zuppa del Giorno: The Puppeteers, Meeting #1

This weekend we'll have the first cast-inclusive collaborative meeting to discuss direction for Zuppa del Giorno's new production slated for January 12th: The Puppeteers; or, In Spite of It All.  Over the course of the weekend we'll discuss story elements, explore potential characters, and maybe even train a little at the kind of expansive physical comedy the show will undoubtedly incorporate.  We'll go in blind, and come out a little less blind and with germs that will hopefully infect with enthusiasm.

Reading: Speaking to the Dead

Tonight I'll be participating in a reading of a new one-act musical by Sharon Fogarty entitled Speaking to the Dead.  I'm connected to Sharon through various friends stemming from Manhattan Theatre Source, including Daryl Boling and Jason Grossman, with whom I recently worked on Love Me.  This reading is a sort of introductory rehearsal for a brief run as part of a festival going up at the start of December, and I'll be playing a game-show host who falls hard for the psychic featured on said game show (played by fellow Love Me alum Kaira Klueber).  It's fun, and doesn't require me to sing, just fall down a lot.

Love Me

This Thursday a new comedy, Love Me, will debut at The Robert Moss Theatre as a part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. Every show in this festival has a charity affiliation, and ours is benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York. It's a wacky comedy about a young man's search for love, and I play the physical embodiment of the young man's inner monologue, so there is much running about and falling over for yours truly. Buy tickets here.

Performance dates:

Thursday, 6/10 @ 4pm

Saturday, 6/12 @ 6pm

Wednesday, 6/16 @ 8:30pm

Tuesday, 6/22 @ 8:30pm

Thursday, 6/24 @ 4pm

Friday, 6/25 @ 8:30pm

Update: We've gotten some official responses to this zany comedy of comic zaniness. First, a glowing review in Then, NY Daily News makes us an editor's pick. We'll try not to let the sheer fame go to our heads...


This weekend begins previews for An Eclectic Evening of Shorts, the "Briefs" program, in which I'll be appearing in Jason Schafer's short play, Princess. I'll be playing a stay-at-home dad who finds himself in the difficult position of delivering some strange news to his over-worked wife. The show is bound to be good and fun, considering I'm sharing the stage with the lovely and talented Stacey Linnartz, and it's directed by one of my favorites, Kathryn Long. AEES is presented by Artistic New Directions, which I connected to through my work at NYU with Janice Goldberg.

Purchase your tickets here.

the ACTion COLLECTIVE: ACT III - Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

Comedy tonight! Tonight at 8:00 The ACTion Collective has its third event, an evening of classic comic duos. Some of our favorite actor friends, old and new, will gather and hang out and then perform comic scenes picked at random. They'll have a choice after giving it a go: Choose a new scene, or give the same one another shot. But in either case, they'll be working with a new person. It's an exciting twist on the rhythms of comedy and the exchanges between actors working on their toes.

The New Me

Tonight I'll be contributing to an independent reading of a new play in development, penned by Margo Hammond. The reading will be directed by Kay Long, someone with whom I have worked a few times in the play-writing labs at NYU. The action of the play concerns itself with a mother and daughter who have suffered ill treatment at the hands of their husbands and who in turn decide to exact a little revenge. I, of course, will be playing the "Ken-doll look-alike" husband of the daughter. They can get me to slick down my hair, but I am not taping up my man parts. I'm Equity, dang it.

NYU: Film Department

This Wednesday I will return to Tisch's hallowed halls for another student project, this one filming all in one day. This constructed scene actually takes a comic turn, but hangs on to the poisoning element of my previous gig at NYU. Only this time, I am the poisoned one, and by "poisoned," I of course mean "unwittingly coerced into consuming excessive amounts of laxative." I'll avoid mentioning what particular sense memories I may or may not be using for this scene...

The Last Stand

This Monday I'll be participating in a private, developmental reading of Steve Smith's new script, The Last Stand. I've acted with Steve, in Criminals in Love, and acted in one of his scripts before, Legal Snarls. This script is along similar lines of send-up and comic rhythm, and should be a lot of fun. It's also only five characters, which makes for good production possibilities in New York showcases and small professional theaters. I'll be playing a shadowy visitor by the name of Gary who helps to stir the pot of this comic mystery.

Zuppa del Giorno: The Very Nearly Perfect Comedy of Romeo & Juliet

Once upon a time, a playwright of some modest ability took a scenario from the commedia dell'arte and gave it his own spin, turning it into a tragic love story so resonant it quickly became THE love story. Four hundred years later, the contemporary commedia dell'arte troupe Zuppa del Giorno irreverently returns "Romeo & Juliet" to its boisterous beginnings. Once again first love is fresh, foolish and funny, and with the help of classic commedia characters, a couple of red noses and a couple of Italian artists to boot, a roller-coaster of a comedy is ready to ride!

But will the troupe craft this classic to a comic conclusion, or will tragedy take its normally inevitable toll?

Previews begin Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 7:00pm
Closes Sunday, February 22, 2009 at 5:00pm

Electric Theatre Company
326 Spruce Street, 2nd Floor
Scranton, PA
Tickets 570/558-1515 - Office 570/558-1520

NACL Theatre Benefit: The Visa Clinic, with Bond Street Theatre

This Saturday evening I will be performing with Bond Street Theatre in a benefit for the North American Cultural Laboratory. It's an evening of variety and local, organic food, with all kinds of circus-y goodness. Just look at some of the folks performing:

It's pretty thrilling for me, though we'll being doing something completely different: A send-up of the visa application process, a la Monty Python's The Argument Clinic. Come down and enjoy the sliding-scale admission to support a great company.

November 15th, 2008 7pm—11pm
The Lava Studio, 524 Bergen St, Brooklyn (directions)
$25—$75 (Sliding Scale)
Buy Tickets.

Between Adults

This Friday, at 8:00 pm, you can catch me in a reading of Josh Sohn's play-in-progress, Between Adults. The reading will be held in the lovely Montauk Club, in Brooklyn, and is free, free, free. So come on out, have yourself a Park Slope kind of Friday and enjoy seeing me play a very confused middle-aged man. Hey: boyish charm can only get you so far.

The promo email:
Brooklyn is the best borough, by far. That's generally accepted. But what you may not know, though it's proven by science and scientists, is that Brooklyn is the greatest place in the known universe when autumn is beginning. The air is fresh, the buildings are short and people are in a stupidly good mood. So why not make tomorrow evening a Park Slope evening? Have a nice dinner, window shop, admire architecture and fantasize about Walt Whitman.

The best part? I've got a free theatrical event for you to attend. That's right! Your entertainment decision/expense is covered! This Friday, October 3rd at 8 PM at the beautiful
Montauk Club in Park Slope (View Larger Map'>25 8th Ave.), you can catch these folks:

Andrew Elliott

Chelsea O'Connor
Jennifer Gordon Thomas

Jeff Wills

in a staged reading of Between Adults, a play-in-progress by Josh Sohn. The reading will run about 90 minutes and there will be a short intermission, so please come and feel free to bring whomever. You deserve a change of scenery. You deserve free developmental theatre. Don't try to tell me I'm wrong. You deserve it. It's science.


Come see me play a carpenter with philosophical aspirations in Jump, by Josh Sohn, July 26th and 27th as a part of the Strawberry One-Act Festival.


July 24 through August 3, 2008 @

The Baruch Performing Arts Center, 55 Lexington Avenue, NYC. Entrance on 25th Street (between Lexington Avenue & 3rd Avenue).

Click here for tickets.

Series C
Saturday, July 26th & Sunday, July 27th at 1pm.
Click here to pay to view this series online July 27th.

JUMP by Josh Sohn
Jump is a short comedic play about miracles and transformation.