Circus: Valentine's Day Shows @ STREB S.L.A.M.

Photo by Virginia Wills,
featuring Megan Heflin.
Tomorrow the wife and I will embark on more original aerial silks performances at STREB, this time in the "adult" shows with a Valentine's Day theme.  You can read a bit about my past performance in the venue and my plans for this weekend's over at the Aviary.  I'll be performing my own choreography, playing a lonely travelling businessman caught in the rain and missing his certain someone. The shows will start at 10:00pm Friday and Saturday nights, which is rather a bit later than I'm accustomed to strenuous exercise, but I expect sheer panic will keep me spritely.

Circus: Halloween Shows @ STREB S.L.A.M.

Tomorrow my wife and I will perform our aerial silks routines for two shows - 3:00 and 7:00 pm - as a part of Streb lab's Halloween performances.  Our slots are the children-appropriate ones, but there's also a couple of burlesque circus shows at 11:00 pm Friday and Saturday evenings.  This is my silks debut, and I'll be doing a comic piece of my own devising that features a supposed circus strongman (handle-bar mustache and all) trying to get at a glowing pumpkin that's way up on the ceiling.  Call Streb S.L.A.M. for details: (718) 384-6491.

Teaching: Zip Zap Zop

Tomorrow will be my first day teaching with the Electric Theatre Company's new educational outreach program: Zip Zap Zop. Heather Stuart and I will be up to our old acrobalance, improvisation and physical characterization tricks with a large group of high school students of various ages from around the greater Scranton community. The program goes on throughout June, but I'll only be teaching on select days; namely May 22, June 5, 19 & 28. This is the kind of longer-term educational curriculum I'm excited to explore right now, to see what can be accomplished with more time to develop relationships and absorb training.