The ACTion COLLECTIVE: ACT V, scene i - Physical Character

(Ed. - You know, I continue to be a jerk; I forgot AGAIN about Loki here. Below is something I should have posted IN MARCH, but didn't [in spite of what the post date may claim]. Sorry, again. [LAME...])

Tomorrow we kick off The Action Collective's first in a series of workshops devoted to different aspects of character-building. I begin the series with a focus on physical characterization and methods for creating and integrating it into a variety of styles of theatre. It's an interesting exercise for me personally, communicating what I'm normally teaching to inexperienced or non-actors to experienced performers, instead. This series will consist of at least three "scenes," and will have an exciting guest artist or two, so stay tuned...

The ACTion COLLECTIVE: ACT IV - It's All About You

(Ed. - You know, I'm such a jerk somtimes; I forget about Loki here. Below is something I should have posted mid-month, but didn't [in spite of what the post date may claim]. Sorry. Sorry all. Sorry, Loki. Sorry...)

Tonight we kick off The Action Collective's first event of the new year: ACT IV - It's All About You, in which members of our esteemed actors will bring in their own short scripts, cast them in the room and after scant rehearsal, have them performed. It's terrifying, and it's going to be great. For this one we have booked the blackbox at 440 Studios, just to lend it that extra certain dramatic something. Pencils down -- it's time to perform...

the ACTion COLLECTIVE: ACT III - Nyuck Nyuck Nyuck

Comedy tonight! Tonight at 8:00 The ACTion Collective has its third event, an evening of classic comic duos. Some of our favorite actor friends, old and new, will gather and hang out and then perform comic scenes picked at random. They'll have a choice after giving it a go: Choose a new scene, or give the same one another shot. But in either case, they'll be working with a new person. It's an exciting twist on the rhythms of comedy and the exchanges between actors working on their toes.

the ACTion COLLECTIVE: ACT II - A Tale of Two Screens

Tonight the second event from the ACTion Collective will be held, at 440 Studios. Much is the same -- food and drink will be served and fun will be had by many an actor -- but this time, the challeneges are a bit different. We've extracted short scenes from screenplays and teleplays, and removed identifying details to that our actors can re-interpret them as they will. I'm really looking forward to this one; this time, Andrew and I may just get to play along...

ACTion Collective: ACT I - Free Fun for Actors (On a Thursday)

This Thursday evening, I'll be doing something a little different. In conjunction with fellow actor and all-around-great-guy Andrew Elliott, I've entered into creating a bit of a forum for actors and (eventually) other theatre artists -- a community where we can all learn about and from one another without the pressures of our usual theatrical environments. It's called the ACTion Collective, and our first event is an invitational reading of participant-submitted short scenes. Lots of my favorite people will be attending. There will be refreshments, libation and, with any luck, liberation. I'm very much looking forward to it.