The Puppeteers: A Wonderful Weirdness in Oz

Image compiled by David Zarko.
This weekend my first production as a director with Zuppa del Giorno - The Puppeteers - opens.  You can buy tickets here, but why do that before you've had a chance to check out some of the development first?  Our process outside of the rehearsal room has been recorded on a 'blog:  Check us out!

In Bocca al Lupo 2009

So we took another class to Italy in July. That's where I was for all of July. And I totally and completely forgot to post it. So . . . SURPRISE! I'm back, and it was an incredible event of directing, teaching, acting and collaborating -- truly the best we've had yet. In addition to that, Heather Stuart and I got to perform at the inauguration of a renovated amphitheater in Aquapendente. We adapted the balcony scene from our clown Romeo & Juliet, and got the audience laughing and sighing, even with the text all in English. An amazing adventure, all around.

Camp Nerdly 3

This weekend I'll be at Camp Nerdly. If you want to come improvise and story-game, sign up and then head down to Prince William Forest Park. For a mere $50, you'll be treated to what is essentially an uninterrupted session of potent creativity and collaboration. I'll be in Cabin Wererat . . . which is curiously, and perhaps not unintentionally, apt.

Clown Romeo & Juliet

All next week I'll be out of town for an initial collaborative workshop to develop Zuppa del Giorno's proposed clown/commedia dell'arte version of Romeo & Juliet. Scranton, Pennsylvania, will be my host as well as host to bunches of other talented people at various times throughout the week. So come on out to The Northeast Theatre to play, if you can! There are no rules! Beginnings are so much freaking fun!