the ACTion COLLECTIVE: ACT II - A Tale of Two Screens

Tonight the second event from the ACTion Collective will be held, at 440 Studios. Much is the same -- food and drink will be served and fun will be had by many an actor -- but this time, the challeneges are a bit different. We've extracted short scenes from screenplays and teleplays, and removed identifying details to that our actors can re-interpret them as they will. I'm really looking forward to this one; this time, Andrew and I may just get to play along...

Camp Nerdly 3

This weekend I'll be at Camp Nerdly. If you want to come improvise and story-game, sign up and then head down to Prince William Forest Park. For a mere $50, you'll be treated to what is essentially an uninterrupted session of potent creativity and collaboration. I'll be in Cabin Wererat . . . which is curiously, and perhaps not unintentionally, apt.