The Puppeteers: A Wonderful Weirdness in Oz

Image compiled by David Zarko.
This weekend my first production as a director with Zuppa del Giorno - The Puppeteers - opens.  You can buy tickets here, but why do that before you've had a chance to check out some of the development first?  Our process outside of the rehearsal room has been recorded on a 'blog:  Check us out!

Workshop & Production: Marywood University

Tomorrow I'm off to Scranton once again to co-lead a week's workshops in the commedia dell'arte for Marywood's undergraduate theatre students, all of it culminating in a performance of an original commedia play in the town square on Labor Day - La Festa Italiana.  It's been two years since I participated in this annual course, and I'm very excited to get back to it.  It's supported by the Electric Theatre Company in conjunction with The Portal Project, which works to integrate education with the community at large.  This workshop is immensely rewarding every time, so I'm eager to return to it.

Directing: "Flowers" by Josh Sohn

Last weekend a play premiered that I directed and co-produced! Why are you only finding this out now, you may wonder? Because I was awfully busy directing! But the play was only ten minutes long, so that's really no excuse. Sorry about that. Anyway, Flowers, by Josh Sohn, premiered at Where Eagles Dare Studios as part of their play lab program. It starred Nat Cassidy and Richard Grunn. It went well. That is all.

Update 8/12/10:  Ooooo...there may be a strange new future for Flowers.  Stay tuned.