Liars' League Songbook

14 September 2016
The Liars' League Songbook at 68 Jay Street Bar

Last night I read Emperor of One, by J.T. Townley, accompanied by the talented musician Travis Tench (audio here). In this story - which rather takes the form of a monologue - the narrator is in a personal crisis from which he finds rescue by a visiting emperor penguin. The fellow (narrator; not emperor) briefly questions his sanity a couple of times when his new friend convinces him to learn and perform an ice-dance routine with him, but I found the very real love for this penguin savior was the true hook of the piece.

This one was fun, and challenging. I've performed with music before, even live music, but the experience this time had improvisational elements that I found really refreshing. I want to remember to utilize this technique - of listening to a musician as a scene partner - for future work. It's a tremendous exercise for active listening that piques the need for releasing assumptions and expectations.