Friends & Friends

Thanks to those amongst you who attended Wednesday evening's Liars' League. (Hey: Thanks to you, too, even if you didn't.) The "Family & Friends" theme turned quite apt for me, as one friend joined me for an impromptu dinner beforehand, and another made a surprise appearance, both enduring the "wintery mix" that should really have been called "post-apocalyptic freezing sog-fest."

It was every bit as gratifying as I have come to expect Liars' League to be, with Andrew Lloyd-Jones handling his hosting duties adroitly (albeit in part by modifying my bio to include instructions to watch Android Insurrection on Netflix). I endured some trouble with page glare and it being past my paternal bedtime, but Melanie White's story holds its own beautifully and I felt I hit a few moments just right. It was - in fact - my first opportunity to directly apply some of my sense-memory of Josephine's birth to a performance, which was also gratifying (albeit in a rather dark context).

Wednesday, February 5th, 2014, @ 7:00 pm
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