Last weekend I began upon an epic adventure: Acting in a mock-buster. Mock-busters, for those of you at all outside of this obnoxiously hyphenated lingo, is a low- or micro-budget film that borrows heavily from other films. They're not actually trying to mock said films - that just kind of happens when you're trying to do Avatar, for example, while funding it with your Discovery card. Anyway, the working title of our little science-fiction epic is Robowar (which I badly hope gets changed) and I play Rathbone, a brass-polishing former space mercenary. It's being directed by Andrew Bellware through his company, Pandora Machine. Did I mention there's no money? Did I mention it is ridiculously fun? We film over the next few entire weekends, no idea how long it will take to produce, but in the meantime there are photos.