Speaking to the Dead

Tonight we open Sharon Fogarty's Speaking to the Dead at TheatreLab.  The show has a very limited run from tonight, December 2nd through Sunday the 5th.  Details may be found below.

This is in many ways a kind of workshop production - with no formal set and simply thematic costuming - but Sharon has worked and developed her script to the point that it's an entertaining hour of comedy and music.  It's also the first musical I've been in for almost ten years now, and in spite of my best efforts I have been afforded the opportunity to sing a solo in it.  Just a little one, right near the end.  I play a gameshow host with a duplicitous approach to the world who learns how to be true to himself when he falls in love with the ghost-whisperer that's the star of the show.

Speaking to the Dead
A new comedy by Sharon Fogarty
Dec. 2-4 @ 8:00pm & Dec. 5 @ 2:00pm
$18 - tickets available at https://www.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/790185

Featuring: Tony Di Sante, Kaira Klueber, Sarah Ecton-Luttrell, Matthew Porter, Danny Stix, Renee Torriere, Karen Christie-Ward, T.D. White, Jeff Wills & D. Zhonzinsky.