Workshop: Marywood University

Tomorrow I return to Marywood University to fulfill the promise of my missed days teaching commedia dell'arte last August. My workshop will be about two hours long, and cover material based on my inclinations and the students' requests. They requested information on career management, In Bocca al Lupo and even some further acrobalance training. At first I wasn't sure how to consolidate all this, but my desires helped me find common ground, and I've created a brief curriculum called "Finding Balance." It will combine all these requests under the umbrella notion of finding balance between the artistic and the pragmatic in a career in the theatre. This is, in essence, what I've dedicated Odin's Aviary to the exploration of, so I'm thrilled to draw these strands together. The workshop will largely be discussion-oriented, but broken up with physical training to emphasize ideas and keep us in our bodies whilst learning.