BLUEPRINT: an assignment

This Friday and Sunday I'll be appearing in a variety show curated by Melissa Riker and her company, Kinesis Dance Project, under the auspices of Six Figures Theatre's Artists of Tomorrow festival. I have all-new silent-film clowning (that means no red noses...maybe...) to showcase with my signature character, Lloyd Schlemiel. Lloyd is my guy for exploring the glee and occasional melancholy of the great silent-film comedians. Come on down and see what gets built!

BLUEPRINT: an assignment (take 2!)

8:00 PM - Friday November 21 & Sunday November 23
Produced by Six Figures Theater Company at The West End Theater
263 West 86th St., New York, NY 10024 (between Broadway and West End Ave.)

Kinesis Project dance theatre
{Madeline Hoak, Zoe Bowick & Melissa Riker}
Sharon Estacio
Patrick Lacey and
Jeff Wills
share the stage in the AOT Festival!

Tickets are $15

There is limited seating and this is a festival & performers that deserve support! Join us!

Buy tickets HERE.