La Vigilia (1)

Come not see me in the show I'm understudying!

BOO-Arts and TeatrOscuro



Directed by

Kathleen O’Neill


James Michael Armstong* Victoria Bundonis*

Micheal Black* Ridley Parson

Elka Rodriguez

Asst. Director Stage Manager Lights/Costume Design Sound Design

Gabi Radenwz John Michael Crotty Will Lowry Lisa Ien DeNio

The Connelly Theater

220 E. 4th Street, between Ave A & B

Wednesday, August 13 @ 3:00pm

Thursday, August 14 @ 9:45pm

Sunday, August 17 @ 4:30pm1

Wednesday, August 20 @ 5:30pm

Saturday, August 23 @ 7:15pm

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"Let no one who loves be called altogether unhappy; even love unreturned has its rainbow." Eaton Stannard Barret

Does true love have an expiration date? When a stranger enters the lives of three lonely people, whose heart will mend and whose will break? Inspired by Goldoni and DaSica,

La Vigilia is a madcap minestrone of love and passion rediscovered.