The Puppeteers - by Zuppa del Giorno
An original "dramedy" based on the traditions of Punch & Judy, the characters of Frank L. Baum, and the economics of adult friendship.

Flowers - by Josh Sohn
A short play detailing a strained and strangely deep relationship between a New York cabbie and his passenger on their way to an unknown destination.

The Spectacular Scrantonian Spectacular - by various
A musician. A dancer. A singer. An actor. A clown. A puppeteer. Eight hours to put together an environmental, interactive show...the most spectacular that can be managed.

Love is Crazy but Good - by Zuppa del Giorno
A dance-theatre piece in Italian and English chronicling the story of an old married couple from senility, to youth, and back again. Love, over and over.

Flavio's Disgrace - by The Marywood Players
What happens when you cross a classic commedia dell'arte scenario of mistaken identity and sexual longing with college undergraduates and an Italian-American Festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania? Nothing good, I can tell you.

l'Esprit d'Escalier - by Jeff Wills
A memory play and near-monodrama, with one silent woman accompanying our storyteller. He recounts the story of why they ended, and wonders at how they ended.

Mimosa Pudica - by Curt Dempster
What do a pair of lonely neighbors do on Christmas Eve? They find each other, themselves, then lose it all.